Here you can learn all about how pearls are made in Oysters, to why the Fleet at Abbotsbury is so special. 
Weird Oyster Facts: 
Oysters breathe like fish through gills. 
Oysters can change from male or female throughout their life time. 
Oysters produce pearls from pieces of dirt that they coat in a protective serum called nacre that hardens and over time creates a pearl. 
Did you know there was once a myth that you could only eat Oysters in months where there are r’s such as September, yet today we know they are eaten all year. This myth probably comes from the idea that months without r’s such as July/August are warm and in the olden days without refrigeration oysters could spoil, this mainly caused through spawning. 
Why is the Fleet Lagoon so Special? 
The Fleet lagoon is almost completely cut off from the sea and stretches for 8 miles. 
It has a unique ecosystem with very clean water, which allows our Oysters to grow. 
The Fleet lagoon was created many years ago through a storm. 
The Feet is protected because it attracts so much wildlife as it has salt marshes, freshwater marshes and coastal grass cliffs.  
Do you know where your food comes from? 
You do at The Crab House! 
Our fish is brought locally from these boats, which ensures quality and freshness... 
Our Crabs, Lobsters and Whelks come from these boats... 
and are fished for in the channel, they are brought in locally. 
Our apple juice is award winning and comes from Bridge Farm Yeovil also found locally. 
Any other food queries, contact The Crab House Cafe™ on 01305 788867 
Of course all our Oysters come from the Fleet, you can see the Oyster farm from the restaurant guaranteeing fresh, wonderful Oysters.  
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